Normscar Video Productions

Memorial Service Packages

Bronze Package $120

 100 max Photo Slide Show/ Montage 10 minutes max

Silver Package $200 

250 max photo slide show & 5 max home videos/childhood/memory montage 

15 minutes max

gold Package $275  

350 max Photo Slide Show/ 10 max home videos/childhood/memory montage 20 minutes max

Here are examples of our GOLD PACkage 

Photo's and Videos are gently blended together to make memories that will last a lifetime.
Max of 6 songs, If songs aren't provided in edit time, they will be provided my Normscar video productions.
Includes Panning, Zooming, Transitions, Title Screens, Credits,

includes FUll copies of vhs, mini dv, vhs-c to dvd (in paper sleeve casing  

3 DVD Copies packaged in Cases provided for all packages, 

Additional DVD's are $5.00

Additional Photos and Home Video's ( CALL FOR PRICE)

Protect your precious memories forever by converting your favorite pictures and home movies or videos into a custom photo & video montage that can be set to music and viewed on your television. Perhaps your having a wedding and would like a wedding slide show to be shown at the reception. Many couples choose this to show pictures of the couple growing up and pictures of them together. A DVD photomontage & video montage is also a great idea for birthday parties, reunions, graduations, anniversaries or other special events.